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Thread: Photoshop 2021

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    Photoshop 2021

    This seems to be a long standing issue with Adobe Photoshop and I'm hoping that someone has a solution other than what I've read on the Adobe forum.

    This is what is happening:
    - Work on a Photoshop project,
    - Save versions along the way to a local drive,
    - Photoshop takes a fat dump on all your work by corrupting the files you have saved.

    I've only recently started getting back into using Photoshop and this recurrence has me regretting the subscription fee.

    Any suggestions on how to hack my way around this or is this just a "feature" of Photoshop?

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    Lenses are used instead of photoshop

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    Quote Originally Posted by sampeshirl View Post
    Lenses are used instead of photoshop
    As for lenses, it's not so easy to transfer data. Transferring data from the internal memory of the iPhone to the PC is actually a fairly simple task. The thing is that the internal memory of the iPhone (unlike Android smartphones) is immediately recognized by Windows as a portable device, such as a digital camera. Therefore, you can easily open it with Windows Explorer and copy image files. So, what is a telephoto lens, you probably know? It must have a certain format, or you can see a tutorial on how to download pictures from iphone to computer. Optional: you can then open iTunes, select your device in the tree on the left and in the settings check the box for synchronization.


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