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    Wet-dry Vacuums. Any Suggestions?

    Hello, guys,

    I'm on a hunt on a wet-dry vacuum. To be honest, I've never used them before. So, have some questions to you.

    Can vac be used to suck up water?
    What is the noise level?
    Can we use this for carpet and hardwood cleaning?
    Does it also work as a blower?

    Any model you would recommend? Can somebody share with experience of using them? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Look at Sears for a Shop Vac. Just remember to take out the filter if you want to use it to suck up water. Learned this the hard way.

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    I use the built-in sweepovac kitchen vacuum For me, it is better than a portable vacuum cleaner. Now I do not need to carry a vacuum cleaner, stretch cords and extension cords around the house. And it is convenient that the air from the vacuum cleaner immediately falls on the street through the ventilation channels.

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    This vacuum cleaner cleans and water.

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    very interesting, thank you!


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