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    I want to apply for a Signature loan

    I'm planning to get a loan for my daughter's personal needs. I need it an additional cash for other family expenses also. I wonder if I could get as much as $5000? My sister told me about a signature loan. Are you familiar with it? If I heard it correctly from her, it is also a personal loan. What do you think? Any advice? I want to apply for it soon.
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    signature loans is also know as a good faith or character loan, it is a type of personal loan that uses only the borrower's signature and promise as collateral.

    If you don't mind me asking, are those expenses urgent? Do you really need it badly that you are thinking of getting a personal loan?

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    Yes, I badly need it now for the tuition fee of my kids. Actually, this is my first time to do this, I spoke to one of the staffs of a bank and he told me that I can't apply for signature loan because of my bad credit history in the past. Perhaps, I will just find another way.


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