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    Crafty furniture recycling methods

    I had a white planter arm chair. It was so elegant and was around with us for quite sometime. But its paint came off and was in bad shape. I was reluctant to throw or discard this old furniture with which is associated many nostalgic feelings. I came across an article by a mini bin rental company which gives tips on re purposing furniture before tossing them out. Don't give up on them rather adopt crafty ways of re purposing , be it from a simple ladder display shelf to cabinet mantel decor. Give it the all new feel and what we think trash could be a treasure. Today after re purposing my chair it looks so elegant and more importantly my sweet memories are intact. I urge everyone to adopt such innovative ways of re purposing not just furniture but everything.
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    thanks for sharing the link.

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    A friend of mine will go garbage picking and garage saling for old or broken items. She then will update them and resell them on etsy.
    I would have never thought to do this myself but it is amazing what you can do with old items.

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    Hey, that sounds helpful.


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