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    Are those services really effective?

    Animal running in between the ceiling walls on the first floor of the house is troublesome. I think it will be a racoon or squirrel. I live in a two-storey house in Toronto. This is the second time I am hearing an animals noise. For the first time, it was between the bathroom walls. We heard the noise of biting the pipe, but not sure it's between the walls or on the roof. But when my husband checked the roof, he didn't notice any holes at all. So we are pretty sure it's inside the ceiling and walls of our bathroom on the first floor. I don't know how animals get into that area.
    I believe it is a racoon. We are facing a lot of difficulties with pest animals. They are becoming a threat to our life. I am scared of racoons. I have heard that racoons can be a source of rabies. Last day some squirrels got into bathroom fan exhaust. They chewed the plastic covering and built a nest on the fan area. My colleague told me about environmental pest control service in Toronto. Are those services really effective?

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    Pest control services usually get rid of animals in the most humane way possible

    I admire those guys

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    I agree to this. This service is just awesome. Now a days pests is being a serious issue for everyone. Recently, one of my friends house was infested with rodents and thus the parts of her house got sheared even the electric wires were sheared by rodents. So after consulting with the agents he was suggested to contact to best exterminator NYC whom they may help to get rid of pests like rodents, mice, rat, or termites.
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