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Thread: Garage carpet

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    Garage carpet

    Our garage is a separate outbuilding. We build it one year ago. My husband loves the idea of carpeting the garage floor. It creates a warm atmosphere and insulates from the cold of winter. The garage floor carpeting was installed with an indoor-outdoor carpet. The garage carpet is made of polypropylene fibers. This fiber is resistant to staining, abrasion, U.V. fading, as well as mold and mildew. We mainly use the garage for parking car and access storage. I need to clean the carpet in the garage. I usually clean the garage on my own to maintain it. But I donít think it is enough for the carpets to last longer. I have decided to contact a quality cleaning services in Mississauga. Can you suggest some tips for cleaning the garage carpet?

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    Heyy..thanks for sharing that!


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