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    What about salt water pools? is it worth?

    Hey, guys, I'm a new pool owner, embarrassingly don't know anything more about pools yet am a pool lover. I've moved to my new home in Boston, there is a chlorine water in the backyard. It has been a few months since I live here and the pool often requires to add more chlorine. I think it is an additional effort for me to find the time to buy chlorine to maintain the pool, that is a real headache. And I'm almost fed up with this continuous pool maintenance cost. Somehow I've talked to a pool specialist from a swimming pool installation agency here and decided to convert it into a salt water pool. They referred me to an agency of salt water pool construction. I went there and discussed setting up cost and all, I was almost up to choose that, but yesterday I found pool conversion can be done as a DIY project, so I've done a little research on that and found it is possible. Lol, I still have some confusions, that is why I'm here today!what can I do to drain the chlorine water and refill the pool with salt water?I'm running on a low budget to invest more in pool maintenance, so preferably we'd like to cooperate with pros who can help us at a reasonable cost.
    Please comment your suggestions. Many thanks!


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    Yes, it's very good, because it has no chlore in it - very useful!

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    it has no chlorine , so its good !!
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