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    Bathroom Renovation ideas

    We are thinking of renovating the bathroom of our condo. We bought it 2 years back from condos for sale in North York. We were thinking of changing the tiles as we made mistake while choosing the tiles last time. I think, when it comes to designing a bathroom, the color and the type of tile also plays a vital role. These are a few tips I found online which you should keep in mind before choosing the color for your bathroom:
    i) Mixing of 2 bright colors: It can make a bathroom look more energetic and invigorating. Also, try to add a light shade along with it for a calm feel.
    ii) Go fresh with organic colors: Nature's color creates a refreshing ambiance for the bathroom. It also gives a natural vibe and freshness.
    iii) Fun mixing of dark colors: Try choosing some vibrant colors with a part of neutral shade as a base. Along with that, select the bath and showers accessories color to match the appearance.
    iv) Mix it up with your home color: Try choosing the color of your bathroom to suit the bedroom appeal.
    When you have good and creative ideas, any room is elegant in its own way. Hope you all find it useful.

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    yeah. It seems useful!
    I wish you could have shared a few pics of your renovated bathroom. It would have more helpful.

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    Looks fantastic. Hopefully, you'll finish it fast since bathroom renovation is very irritating.

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    I think every bathroom needs a water heater. After all, it's better to get prepared for any cases. Click here to find the best electric tankless water heater. There are some decent options, a detailed article, and some videos which will definitely help you.

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    Each faucet offered by the modern plumbing market has its own advantages and disadvantages. Check info about pot filler faucet

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    I love your idea... its so nice... maybe I could do it on mine too hehehhee..

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    helpful advices, thanks!

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    There are so many ideas in the internet about renovation, just google it out. Recently, I have redecorated my bathroom either and what I like now is that I have clean water there. IT is very important to have clean and fresh water so I asked this company to set it up for me. Now it is quite nice and pleasant to take a bath and relax there. I recommend now to all my friends to get that filters because it is really high quality ones and not so expensive.
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