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Thread: Happy us

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    Happy us

    Our home is of limited space. We have a huge backyard.
    I'm living with my hubby and four kids. So we always had the storage issue.
    Three of our children have bicycles, I was fed up finding places to keep them during the weekdays. A week ago, Alex(My husband)came with an idea of forming backyard sheds for storage. It has been a week we've already completed the work of a shed. I love being there! We've hung a few flowering plants over the roof. Also, put some on the sideways.
    You know it is bliss, we have constructed it for storage but converted it as our coffee club.
    I spent most of my day time there, even Alex also loves to be around there.
    I think everything happens for a reason, If we haven't had this storage issue we would never have think of an outdoor shelter like this.
    PS: We'll be soon having another shed for storage else my kids will kill me! Lol! Feeling blessed.

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