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    Suggestions for bathroom doors and glasses

    My husband and I are thinking of getting our old bathroom an upgrade. We have agreed on getting the renovation started by the end of this month. Our bathroom is of normal size that is about 70 square feet. We are looking forward to getting a new look to our bathroom. We are sure of getting a glass shower door. My husband has been nagging about this for years now. So, finally getting one soon. One of his friends suggested him getting tinted shower glass for doors, which he did for his bathroom. Though I had to agree with my husband on this, I am not so sure about this.
    So, I wanted to know, if this is a good choice? Also, I would like to get some details on the glass materials, eg: tempered or Laminated. How good is it to get a tinted glass?
    Please share your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Frameless glass shower entryways have flooded in prevalence as of late as mortgage holders build up a preference for perfect and moderate feel. Producers have reacted by making a wide choice of frameless shower entryway plans and styles.

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    I like minimalism


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