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    Outdoor storage shed using containers

    Hey, my mom is planning to have an outdoor storage shed. She was planning to have a barn, but I convinced her to have a single shipping container shed instead. I would love to have an outdoor coffee area in our yard. If we can have container shed then the front portion can be used for setting a coffee table with a couple of chairs.
    I'm looking for containers for sale in Toronto at an optimal cost. I see too many online shops providing the service, but a bit confused to choose one. One of my friends bought a used shipping container from Sigma container corporation, those are still in good condition but they bought it for some other purposes not to build home/shop.
    I consider Sigma as a good choice, yet I would like to hear from people who live in a container home so that I can blindly trust the brand and buy one without any safety concerns!
    Guys, could you please help me to buy a container? Feel free to comment on your suggestions and recommendations. Also, on what basis should I choose a company? How can I determine the quality of containers? (Forget about the online reviews!)

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