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    First time hiring a maid cleaning...

    Hey, I'm getting out of time for the regular house cleaning works, in fact getting bored too.
    I have never used a house cleaning maid ever before. I got a quote from the sunrise maid cleaning service,Oakville(if that matters!), the expense is a bit higher than that of hiring an individual cleaner! But I think it will be far better as I prefer the cleaning works to be done while I'm at work(I can't compromise on the safety and quality. I guess I can't expect that guarantee from an individual cleaner!)!
    Unfortunately, I don't know what these cleaning staffs going to do! Like should I do a bit of own cleaning before them and just leave some specific tasks. Else is it ok to just leave the huge mess as it is?
    Mine is a 1BHK apartment, so how often should I ask them to come around?
    Also, do I have to instruct them on every time they are coming for cleaning?
    Any tips or advice before making my first assignment?

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    I swear to God that after you did the background security check you must sit and meticulously write a job description for this maid. Else she will do everything vice versa, for example will mop your computer. Many people can't do it and suffer later. So I strongly recommend you to hire for writing it and including all points that you need.

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    Any tips or advice before making my first assignment?


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