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    Trying to create PCB on my own at home...

    Hey, I'm on vacation now. So I'm planning to try PCB manufacturing at home (I do a little of electric and electronic works!).
    I need FR4 copper board, LPI solder mask, chemicals etc to start the work. I have two options to get the supplies from; one is to buy things from a retail electric-electronic parts shop then is to buy the supplies from any PCB manufacturers directly! My mom is living in Toronto and there is a PCB manufacturing company near home, I will be visiting them tomorrow, check out the price, delivery and other details. But still, I'm confused, whether to choose a retail shop or a manufacturing company to purchase the materials! Any suggestions for this fellas?
    Also, I'm not that sure about the success rate of creating a PCB on my own.
    If any of you have a similar experience, kindly don't skip this thread and please reply to me something about your experience/findings.
    Thanks for reading and possibly respond.

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