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    Dreading moving house - is this normal?

    My partner and I have been trying to move for about 3 years. We finally are tomorrow, from a 2 bedroom flat to a 4 bedroom semi detached place.

    I have felt sick all week, wanted to pull out, wanted to run. I've started thinking that the new place is in a village about 3 miles from where we live - maybe I will be bored, I won't be within walking distance of the swimming pool, or the park I really like, the big Tesco (yes, it's as ridiculous as that).

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    Moving is absolutely normal and you should not be afraid of it. Someone is helping you with this. You just need a change of scenery. And to make it easier to move, contact special removals company like this one. They will help you move to a new apartment without any problems.

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    Tell us your moving experience

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    Moving is scary because you think of the new environment, how you'll fit in it and of course how you'll move all your things. If there're no guarantees about your feelings in the new place, the move itself can be taken care of easily. I was dreading moving from London to Wales because I had to pack up my 3-bedroom house with a conservatory that served as a dumping ground for things I didn't use on a daily basis. My husband was smart enough to hire a moving company. I think they're called They've managed to pack all of our things in 1 day and made sure that my antique teapots were delivered to the new place without a single crack. You should also have moving companies nearby - contact them and do yourself a favor of avoiding at least this hassle.
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    Moving is absolutely normal and you should not be afraid of it.


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