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    Caroslime -

    On the bread crumbs, I'd toast the bread and then try it in your mini-grinder and then freeze it. It should be able to handle toast better than frozen bread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caroslime
    Oh, and eggshells and coffee grounds (I think, I could be wrong) are good for plants. Remember in American Beauty when Anette Benning replies to the question about how her roses grow "I'll tell you, eggshells and Miracle Grow"...

    Also, how do you go about grinding your breadcrumbs? I tried to grind frozen bread chunks in my mini grinder last night and nearly broke the darn thing. I had to do it by hand on a grater, putting my knuckles in severe peril. Any other ideas (I don't own a food processor, yet)?

    i don't freeze them, nor do i toast them because they tend to make my fried chicken really dark and burnt-tasting. i break up the bread a little bit and put it on a cookie sheet and leave them in the oven for a day or so. every once in a while, i'll turn it on 'warm' for about 10-15 minutes and then turn it off and leave it closed. that way it gets dried out, but not toasted. i grind it up in my blender (since i don't have a food processor) little bits at a time.

    do you just dump the egg shells and grounds directly on the soil or do i make a special container for it and let it sit for a while? or should i just chuck the stuff out the kitchen window?!?

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    I can't eat much fresh fruit, so I eat a lot of baby food and the plastic containers some baby food comes in make great little storage containers. I use them for craft supplies, hair ties, and other small items.

    We get a discount at the grocery store for reusing our bags, then when they are worn out, we recycle them. We also use the plastic grocery bags in our waste baskets, for storing recyclables, for the cat litter, and I even used a black one as wrapping paper. I've also used the paper bags to make wrapping paper.

    I'm using old clothes to make some rag rugs. I took the zippers and buttons off the clothes to reuse too.

    I make collages, marble magnets, paper beads, and decoupage with magazine clippings.

    I reuse Christmas bows instead of throwing them away.

    I want to use free AOL CDs to make disco balls. And I also make collages with the CDs and the tins they come in.

    I have a bunch of Altoids tins saved to do all kinds of projects with. And I keep most other tins I get and use them for storage.

    I saved some food containers to use as soap and candle molds.

    I'd like to make my own recycled paper once I get a good blender (so I can use the junky one I have now for paper making).

    I don't eat much cereal, but my mom is saving me some cereal boxes so I can make some magazine holders with them.

    I use my mom's old coffee cans to make pen holders.

    I reuse a lot of plastic food containers too.

    Shoe boxes are a particular weakness of mine; I never throw them away. I'm currently using them to stores tapes, stationary, paint, and book club fliers.

    I keep pretty glass drink bottles to use as vases or to store coins, stones, etc.

    I keep any bubble wrap I get and either reuse it or pop it when I'm feeling stressed.

    I go to a co-op sometimes and you can refill your own containers there, so we have a lot of bottles we reuse, plus we take Rubbermaid and Tupperware with us.

    I recycle paper, plastics, glass, and cans. But I've found a lot of reuse ideas for those too.

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    right now we are in a pahse of making underwear out of t shirts that are past their prime.
    I do so much more, but much of it is already listed here.
    Saving water is a big one.
    since we are in the country, I often pee in a bucket and water it down to feed the plants in the garden. (I use little cotton rags to wipe with too!) That's TMI, I know, but hey we are talking about recycling here!

    One of my favorites: take old towels, cut them into squares, zigzag strips of old cotton knit fabric around the edges so the don't ravel, and voila! washclothes!

    We save recappable beer bottles for future beer brewing, up to a point.

    I use rags in the garden as mulch. Paper bags and cardboard boxes, too.
    and so on.

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    (already posted some, but I remember more now)

    Re-use plastic bags for EVERYTHING. taking stuff to work with litter (which I mentioned earlier)...throwing away anything icky...and filler for when we mail something.

    Re-use any plastic container. Right now I got a bunch of candy from my dad (he gets free stuff from Candy companies) and I have an awesome cotton candy container and some of those little mini-chewy-spree dispensers - will be perfect for beads.

    2 liter bottles - my husband fills them about halfway with water and uses them as stands to display his masks.

    Any clothes we don't want we either sell/trade to someone online (like band t-shirts that people might be looking for) or we donate them.

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    Clothes- I just rip em up and turn em into something else.

    Plastic containers- like for margarine, etc. I kinda wish I could let this go and just buy some damn tupperware but then I feel guilty.

    Glass jars- I keep interesting ones. And nicely shaped ones I use as drinking glasses.

    Aluminum cans- I make luminarias.

    I also compost and have a stock bag in the freezer, and I have been known to save half a slice of cheese because you never know when you might need it!

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