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    These are my two likes to cook the other sample...

    Right now i'm working on my first abstract book, wish i had more time, but am always looking for something creative to do, even if it is the newest coloring book for me did i say me ..i meant my kids.

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    Hi, I'm new.

    I'm Heather, 27, stay-at-home mama to 2 1/2 Sophie. She's my rock star & helps me paint & garden everyday. Before I became a stay at home mom I worked an assortment of jobs including bartender & production controller. I've been lurking for awhile, but thought I'd finally come out of hiding.

    My girlie:

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    Cute kids! I'm glad other moms are teaching their kids to be rockers :)

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    I'm new around these parts - finally registered after on and off lurking.

    I came for the craftiness, I stayed for the Tom Cruise thread ;)

    I've got two kids - a girl who's 8, and a five year old boy, both of whom we have always home/unschooled. They are incredibly creative and crafty - and just put on a -puppet show for us tonight!

    I teach dance classes, and acting classes with my hubby, who also serves as technical director extraordinaire for the studio. Craftwise, I just love to make stuff! I'm not much for sewing, although making dance costumes is forcing the learning curve pretty steep. My first love is polymer clay - been playing with that for ten years now! Also like to play with paper, paint, and stamps. (Although I have long since stopped using purchased stamps, and usually only use my own hand carved stamps now) And, well, anything I can combine with polymer clay, really.

    Here's me with the kids on our last camping trip:

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    Everyone has such cute kids! I love seeing the photos.

    Djules - that's a great shot of you all camping!!! The EOTC is a big ole fish hook huh? Glad you came out of lurkerdome!

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    Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

    Me and my babies!!!!

    Hi! I am Paulette- the 34 year old mother of 5 children ranging in ages from almost 16 all the way down to 10 months.
    I had my first child when I was 18 and supposed to be starting my 2nd year of university.
    I was married to the father of my next 2 children but we are divorced.
    I have been with the father of my 2 youngest children for almost 8 years now.
    I will explain all about the dynamics of all of this in my blog I am going to create shortly.
    I have my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology that has served me very well in my professional life.
    Right now I am doing on call work for a battered womens shelter as a residential caseworker and I absolutely love it!
    I love to sew and quilt although I haven't done much of either since my 2 youngest have been born. Don't know why but I just don't seem to be able to find the time! LOL
    Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone! Looks like a great place and I am glad to have stumbled across it!

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    yay area

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    Hi all ))
    I am and my sun best friends
    I had him when i was 21
    Never been married
    I teach him Chinees, signing and do sport

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