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Thread: Saving money..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lady4feet
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomico Revilak
    Here are some frugal travel tips.

    If you are not a student or teacher, got to an auction sight for airfare. make sure that you know the cost ahead of time and don't pay more than half of what you would have paid for the best price. In 2004, my sweety and I made it to England for $200 + tax each.

    Do you remember what auction site you used? I have a long list of places I want to travel.

    I have gone to Sky Auction

    If you would like more help on travel you could write me off list.


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    This thread made my day. Not only are we saving money, we're wasting less, and being a hella lot nice to our environments and teaching our kids "the value of a dollar" and ...
    I had recently read some note somewhere from someone who had spent hundreds of bucks on a certain craft, but she had gotten a "good deal." I donno what she considers a bad deal, but I was kind of depressed at the consumerism and the lack of creativity.

    So hurray! I really needed cheering up!

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    I am obsessed with thriftiness! This winter, I hadn't hung up clotheslines in the basement, so I had to use the dryer. I found that I could reuse dryer sheets, and THEN use them a third time as dusting cloths!
    I am vigilant about closing the blinds/curtains against the sun. We've had our ceiling fans running for most of the past month, but it seems like our AC hasn't been running constantly, so I guess the fans and blinds are working.
    Use baking soda in the pre-wash cycle of your dishwasher. Is there anything baking soda can't do?
    My hubby bought a scooter last year, and has put 4000 miles on it. We haven't figured out what that cost as compared to the car, but it's gotta be cheaper.
    I am buying the most efficient car I can stand to be in. Scion xB, anybody?

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    Re: Wow

    Quote Originally Posted by Brenda Arcane
    That's a really good post. It has a lot of ideas that I would like to implement in my own life. Thanks, Quaisior.
    Your welcome.

    delcq, I forgot to mention that I've been using a Keeper and cloth pads for about eight years now. I figure I save $5 or more every month that way, plus they are so much more comfortable and I like the environmentally friendly aspect.

    We didn't qualify for the matched saving program because the affordable housing people used some kind of screwy math, but we can still save on our own and my husband's family have offered to help us and our bank has a mortgage that allows family gifts.

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    The area we live in has an outdoor theatre(drive-in) that plays all the recent movies. The way we save money is spending our entertainment money close by. every town has something you can support

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    Wow!! Terrific ideas. And as a librarian I love to see just how many of us are using the library. Remember that if your home library does not have what you are looking for they can usually borrow it for you, at little or no charge, from another library. I buy very few books any more as I can get what ever I want through the library. And take advantage of the free and low cost classes many libraries offer. My library system offers craft classes, genealogy classes, classes for kids and teens, self defence classes and a host of other AND most do not cost a single cent. I also save money by trimming my own hair, only use coupons for things that I would be buying to begin with. And I save lots of money if I can stay out of the craft and fabric stores-- I can usually stay out of them for a couple months at a stretch. And then unfortunately I back slide. But I keep trying. And trading craft supplies with friends saves lots.

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    We use our library for so much! They get most new craft books and what they don't have, the neighboring library systems do have. I keep a running list of items to check out: craft; cooking; kids; non fiction, fiction, mags; dvd's; cd's, books on mp3; etc. Our library even lends out fishing equipment and toys.

    I stay out of the craftopias unless I have coupons earmarked for specific purchases. I've been working through my stash and borrow little used items from my mom.

    With gas so expensive, and limited time( plus 2 kids who hate errands), I clump errands by day and location. If I don't have the kids with me, and just local tasks, bike or walk.

    Cooking from scratch. 'Nuf said.

    Gift cards. Our family gets lots of these from relatives, epsecially at Christmas. Kids usually get waaay too much at holidays, so I save the cards for later. Boys just now using B&N/Border's cards from Dec. MOst grocery stores have gift cards. In our area, a major department store has a clearance center where everything is 70% off the reduced price; I save my gift cards for their sales. Sigrid Olson sweaters for $12!

    Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS all take coupons in addition to their own. Ex: Walgreens has in-store coupons, but you can also use manufacturer's coupons in conjunction for the same item.

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