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    photos of your craft-tastic dwellings

    i'm moving from a dorm into my first apartment soon, and have been hoping for decorating inspiration from all you craftistas, but havent been able to find any photos of your crafty abodes! am i just missing them? it would be amazing to see what you've all done with your homes!
    post some pictures?

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    oooohhhhhhh I love this iDEA! I'll post photos soon and look forward to seeing your places. Nice one Emilytate!!!

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    i dont have any photos... but i am a film major, so i took a contact sheet from my highschool photography class and cut it up, and taped it up on the wall so it looks like a film strip. i also have allot of positive slide film, so once i decide to get it all processed im going to make it into a border, because that too looks like a film strip.
    i also have sort of a mod/beach themse going on. dont ask how it works, it just does.
    i put little things of stuff ( i have all my dpns, and little sewing kit in a pink pencil box) into funky little cases and boxes, and then i have all my jewelry in an art bin.
    then i have collection of postcards and such stuck up on my closet door.

    like ive always had a knack for collecting really random little things and toys, so they are all kind of strategically placed (on my desk, or shelf)

    i keep most of my shoes on a door hanging shoe rack, and i keep the ones that dont fit (boots, platforms) on the closet floor. there were a few extra spots for shoes, so i folded up my scarves and put them in, and now i have much easier access when i need or want to wear one.

    i also have 45897358497589375893758 bags, so one day i bought a cheap folding lattice type hook thing, and screwed it on my wall (i have a weird little crevice type of deal) and hung up all my bags, which made much more room on the floor.

    wow i really should take some pics. haha.

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    That reminds me I need to take pictures of our apt. lol. I like to keep pictures so that in like 10 years when we've moved somewhere else I can go back and look at how it used to be. :)

    I do have some, but they're not good...we didn't have our rooms completely done yet - like all the pictures and furniture situated. (Unfortunately we can't paint - because I'm not painting it back to white)


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