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Thread: Rust stains

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    Rust stains

    Hard believe this hasn't come up yet - but what do you use for rust stains, specifically on kitchen floors?

    Our refrigerator is leaking and it must have pooled under a metal cabinet that I have nearby so now there is a handy rust square on the floor. It's not nice tile or anything, probably the 1950's version of those adhesive tiles you slap down. (we rent)

    Right now I'm trying "Barkeeper's Friend" but it's only working a little bit.

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    that horrible, nasty, scary CLR stuff worked really well on the rust stains in an old toilet in the ancient farm house we used to live in.

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    Kaboom works really well on rust stains in my fiberglass bathtub. it actually works way better than CLR, but the vapors are just as throat-burning.

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    nice thread!


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