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    My poor plants...

    Aw my poor plants- it's been really really windy here the last couple of days and half my plants look like they are at death's door. Didn't help matters that I was sick and couldn't get out to the patio to rescue them for two days- when I finally stumbled outside it was to find shrivelled up, unhappy looking plants.
    Any ideas on how to repair wind damage?
    That'll teach me to watch the weather report- there I was thinking it was the middle of May and nice and sunny now...back down to freezing cold (almost) and really windy.

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    Depends on the kind of damage done. If leaves are torn, but the stem is still viable, you might clip just the damaged part that is going to wither up and die anyway. If stems are leaning over, sometimes a pencil or a chopstick or piece of wood can help support them until they straighten out. If the stems are bent over and that section looks pretty damaged, maybe everything above the bend will die, though it might send up side shoots.

    Larger plants that have branched out a bit, say an azalea, could stand some pruning of the damaged bits. They'll recover enough to bloom next year.

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    Thanks! I've been looking at them and clipped off some of the damaged leaves. I'm concerned about the damage to the stems of some of them- they had some stem damage earlier, but seemed to be surviving ok- putting out new shoots etc. How much damage can one stem take I wonder?
    Luckily I was able to get outside today and move everything to a more sheltered corner.

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    nice thread!


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