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    When Home Renovations Go Wrong...

    Yesterday I had the brilliant idea that if we were to swap around our centre opening, sliding front door so that the door opened on the left side instead of in the middle, we would be able to move our kitchen table into a better position.

    Being quite the successful and handy DIY home-renovators, this morning my husband and I set about dismantling the door and reassembling it in our desired configuration. This is the point when things went wrong. One tiny molding. One tiny, tiny piece of the frame was shaped the wrong way and stopped us from sliding one of the panels of glass into position. We had no choice but to put everything back as it was at the start.

    2 hours. It took 2 hours out of our Sunday morning. But things could have been much worse, and our other projects have all worked well. It's just disappointing! :-(

    It got me thinking - anyone have a home improvement disaster to share?

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    I'm sorry it was a disappointment. I hate when I put forth a bunch of effort and find out it's not going to work. My old house was a series of those. I hated that house.

    My favorite "when renovations attack" episode was when my husband was redoing the upstairs bathroom. This bathroom was straight out of a 30-year-old mobile home. My husband finally (after 7 years) decided to do something about it. One one hand, I so couldn't wait to have a normal bathroom where I could relax and actually emerge from a bath feeling relaxed and refreshed like those chicks on the bodywash commercials. But you know some husbands and their DIY endeavors. The reason it's a cliche is because it's true, at least in my husband's case. I know I can count on a series of mishaps the consequenses of which will be left for me to clean up and deal with.

    So back to this bathroom. He had gutted the whole thing and was getting ready to put in a new subfloor. He had a couple of things he wanted to do in there before that. I asked him if it wouldn't be a good idea to put some scrap plywood over the bare joists. He gruffly dismissed me because "I KNOW what I'm doing Hon, and I don't NEED any plywood in here. It's just for a few minutes, not worth the effort". He stopped just short of telling me to run along back to the kitchen where I belong and make him a turkey pot pie.

    Mmmmkay then, Zippy. I go in the kitchen to make myself a sandwich and decide that being in the room right below the bathroom might not be such a hot idea, seeing as how testosterone kills brain cells and all. Not ten seconds later I hear this crash and there's a cloud of dust and debris. There's a booted foot hanging out of a 5'x5' hole in the ceiling above where I'd been standing. After making sure there was no damage to the frank & beans (not that I would be in the mood to have any use for them in the near future), I couldn't resist shouting up through the hole, "How's that *being above listening to your wife* thing working for you, dumb@$$?".

    It took me two days to clean 75 years worth of dust and debris out of my kitchen. And I never got that sandwich, dangit. I couldn't cook our meals in there, so we had to order out. It was everywhere, in the cabinets, in the pantry, everywhere but in the fridge. I finally got it clean enough to cook in, just in time for him to decide it was time to fix the ceiling and coat everything with dust again. That only took one day to clean that up.

    However, I have to say that once that was over and done with (OK, he did also electrocute himself a little, which ruined the light fixture he was installing) the bathroom turned out great. It was absolutely beautiful with a deep tub and cobalt blue tile. I practically lived in there until we moved a year later, and I'm convinced it was that bathroom that sold the house.

    So far this house hasn't needed any renovations. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to the day he decides he hates the wallpaper.

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    ROFLMAO!!! Neuroticdawg that was hysterical!
    The only flub I can think of was sticking my big pregnant belly in fresh plaster. My bro-in-law was helping me to get the baby's room all fixed up since half the old plaster had decided it was time to fall off the walls. He has never let me live that one down!

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    My poor boyfriend stuck his foot (and a large part of his leg) through the rotten part in our dining room last week. I'm ever so glad that I wasn't standing in the basement below! At least it was only a *small* hole!
    (We're ripping out all the carpet and restoring the wood floors in an old house and many, many sins were covered by the carpet...)


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