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    Oven Cleaning???

    I have heard people talk (from time to time) about cleaning their ovens and I nod my head like, oh yes what a pain, but the truth is I have never cleaned an oven and it's never even occured to me to do so. I still wouldn't attempt it but something??? spilled in our oven and it's a regular 80's rock video in here now whenever it's turned on. Thank god for the toaster oven.

    A little more information about me and my oven: It's a genuine avacado green ancient model that came with the rental. So I don't care about it other than I'd like to get rid of all the smoke. I try and avoid harsh chemicals in general but mostly because it can trigger my son's asthma so any natural methods would be appreciated. Lastly, I'm a lazy a** cleaner so simple and quick is good! :)

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    You can make a paste of baking soda and water and basically paint the inside of your oven thickly... let dry and then scrub with steel wool. It still requires a bit of elbow grease. (Adding vinegar might help boost it too, plus it makes it fun and bubbly!)

    Once I had the "brilliant" idea of putting a bowl of vinegar in there and turning on the oven... well... it made the grunge inside easy to wipe off, but the WHOLE house smelled like pickles. It was a tad overpowering. Mind you, I LOVE vinegar, and it was a bit too much for me. So only try if you have great ventilation.

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    Thanks gingerandlulu for the tips, I'll probably pass on the pickling of the house for now! I'll try the paste. I forgot to mention that it's an electric stove. Should I be careful not to get stuff on the tubes and bits on the bottom?

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    i've always been in the school that you just let it burn until it's gone. until we were staying with a bachelor relative whom had THE smokiest, nastiest oven that turned the entire house into that 80's rock video! i broke down and bought some of that scary oven cleaner and was surprised that it really wasn't that noxious and went a lot more smoothly than i thought it would. otherwise, i am definitely a user of the baking soda and vinegar throughout the rest of the house, rarely succumbing to the use of other convenience cleansers that rarely work any better than what i use.

    but i'm thinking, if you go with my lovely sister's baking soda idea, how about trying a bowl of water heating in the oven instead of the vinegar? it's really the moisture that you need to loosen it up - - it's how i clean my microwave & sanitize sippy cups at the same time. then you can have the science project fun with vinegar during the wipe up stage.


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