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    eeeep! newly moving

    i'm moving into my first apartment in about a month, only to realize there are a LOT more expenses than i expected. my room mate wants to get cable (which i will hardly watch, but the internet part will be better for me)... my cell phone doesn't even work in my apartment (metropcs is a crock, i'm right in the middle of the city - uh hm, metro - and it doesn't get a signal at all!)... i just wanna make sure i'll be able to eat and pay for gas (trying to ask for a raise currently).

    are there any good websites out there to compare prices? any services you find best on these matters? any help would be awesome... thank you in advance...

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    You should definitely research the different phone service options. My roommate and I have an SBC plan that is something like $5 per month, allowing 30 calls. We usually make about twice that many (local, since we have cell phones for long distance), but each additional call costs so little that our bill ends up being something like $10/month.

    Also, we have dsl instead of cable, which saves a lot. No cable tv, but that is fine for both of us.

    Good luck!

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    aww sunni ill feed you...just come knock on my window and ill lower a bowl of soups or rice and beans to you.


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