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    At-home loneliness?

    This new board has been supremely helpful for this mom to be. You guys always have great suggestions. I hope I haven't been a "domestic bliss board hog."

    Anyway, b/c I've had to work offsite for the last few days b/c our building is being sprayed with chemicals, it's gotten me thinking about maternity leave and such. I like a little alone time, but start to feel down if I'm too isolated, you know? And I started thinking about how my only non-9 to 5 friend is moving to Ohio in July, and that when I'm on maternity leave for 12 weeks, am I going to be hideously lonely? Or is it so crazy those first few months that you don't notice it?

    I'm also going down to 4 days a week and I wonder about that day at home.

    How have folks, esp those who don't work outside of the house, dealth with being isolated if you have been? Do you tend to connect with other moms thru organized groups? I just figure if I have a bit of a plan it may keep me from getting too lonely and having a meltdown later.


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    Sleep. Sleep as much as you can while on leave :-)

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    Make sure you have a stroller and good pair of walking shoes. I got pretty lonely during a period where I was stay-at-home, and didn't figure out until too late that a lot of my crankiness was from being cooped up with two crying babies all day. Make it a point to get out on a walk everyday. Also, make sure to still invite people over for dinner, and accept invites to go other places. I guess I felt like I was getting pity invites since I thought no hip lady in her right mind would really want to have babies at her house for a dinner party. So I declined a lot of invites and then ended up feeling sorry for myself! :)

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    Where I live there is an online parent's network that posts all events having anything to do with kids, it's helpful and there is probably one for your area. I'm actually also in New England and there is ALWAYS TONS of stuff to do with babies/kids. Check the local library for free sing-a-long and story times. They will have a lap sit story time for little babies. It's great to get out there and make connections with other moms. Jewish Family Services sponsors new mom groups (and new dad groups). You don't have to be Jewish, our group met at a local church. It was a nice way to get out of the house and hear that others were going through some of the same things. There are also working moms playgroups that meet in the afternoon that you could look into. There really is so much out there for moms and kids, you're smart to start thinking about it now.

    Something else that helped me through all my time sitting and breastfeeding was books on tape/cd.

    Buckle your seat belt, sit back and enjoy!!! :)


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