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    Female issue TMI possibly


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    You must be kind of freaked out but you did the right thing by making an appointment. I might take another preg. test (or 5) and don't drink until your appointment, just in case.
    Sometimes we just have abnormal cycles. <-----said the woman with absolutely NO medical training. Fingers crossed.

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    Glad to know you're going to see a doc - have you been otherwise sick lately? Sometimes I'm late or funny if I've been ill or stressed out. Nothing worse than your stress level making you two weeks late, and of course that made the stress even worse!

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    I'm a month late. =P But I have always had weird cycles, except for when I was on birth control.

    Since you have a few days to wait, you might want to try another test. You don't HAVE to take it in the morning, but make sure you haven't had much water, and haven't gone in a while so it's more concentrated. It's possible to have a false negative...but it's more likely you've just had a weird cycle.


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