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    Language-intensive crafts/games?

    I'm teaching Mandarin summer school and I'm trying to think of how to make the experience more like summer camp and less like school and of course crafting came to mind. I've already got paper bags for Fandango puppets but once they're talking to each other to make them I know they'll say "gimme the scissors" instead of "qing ni gei wo jiandao" and that just sounds like a fight that's not worth it.

    Any language-rich activities or crafts you can recommend would be most appreciated. We've already got Chinese versions of red light/green light, mother may I, and duck duck grey duck (yeah, goose) but I'm sure there's more ideas out there.

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    I'd play the kids' version of "Cranium"- "Cariboo"? Both L and R brain, but very language intensive.

    DS#2 is playing Boogle at his summer reading program, and even enjoying it. has a link to make word searches/puzzles/crosswords.

    What about reading plays aloud?

    Small group hangman? Make each a different puzzle. But they have to ask in Mandarin!

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    bessiemae has some great & fun ideas - I second all of those!

    I'm drawing a blank on crafts, but how about Scrabble for a game? The beauty of that game is that it can be for any level, becuse the words that are chosen are up to the players. Just make sure all are around the same skill level.

    If you don't want to involve spelling you could try "password" - like the old TV game show. One person has a secret word and tries to get the other teammate to guess it using other single words. And of course, there's always charades - people always seem to have a good time and laugh like crazy when they play charades!

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    Thank you for the information, I will accept it.


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