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Thread: a greener yard

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    a greener yard

    In my new apartment I have a backyard with hard dirt and weeds for a lawn. The yard gets decent sunshine with light shade in the late afternoons. Is there anything I can do about turning the dirt and weeds into something a little softer and greener? I'm thinking something along the lines of throwing some seeds and fresh soil around and watering fairly often. I've never had a yard before so gardening is new for me. Am I on the right tracks or are there other better options?

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    when i was living in hollister, ca, we had nothing but weeds - foxtails to be specific. i scattered some rye grass seeds and the grass actually grew better around the weeds and "suffocated" them. the planting required little effort other than a little work with a hoe and occasional watering. of course the psycho landlord ground it all up once it started to grow because he didn't want anyone using "his" water (we were on a well. he didn't live on the property...)


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