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    Storing/Filing Your Kids' Schoolwork

    I'm finally attacking the huge bin of papers, drawings, art-projects etc. that have accumulated from my four kids' past year of school. Any great ideas for storing the pieces I want to keep. I read about getting clean, new pizza boxes and using those. What have you found helpful?

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    all of my stuff from school is in a big cardboard holiday storage box that has a home underneath my parent's bed.

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    My daughter doesn't go to school yet, but I keep pictures she draws and colors (I go through and decide what I like or is important to us and the rest goes to family) and keep them in plastic sleeves in a notebook that is displayed on our coffee table. I try to make sure they're dated and if someone comes over and just absolutely loves something, most often I'll give it to them. My girl likes to go through them and point out what she's done, too. Right now, it's not enough for the 1 1/2" binder they're in, but I'll just upgrade when she brings in more stuff.

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    One good idea I read somewhere (flylady?) was - particularly with the projects of significant mass or size - to take a picture of the kid holding it proudly and then send it off to permanent storage.

    "Permanent storage" was our camp ceramics teacher's nice way of saying "the trash" - it is, actually, permanent storage without the possibility of retrieval.

    It's so good you're doing this now, there are Rubbermaids in my parents' basement just full of junk I made once, like I have time to go through it on my brief (for my sanity) visits.


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