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    Cool book, not just for parents/kids

    At the library yesterday found lots of great stuff, some for other posts; but in addition to CraftyChica's books, also found "Kids Who Think Outside the Box: Helping Your Unique Child Thrive in a Cookie-Cutter World", Stephanie Lerner.

    Neat little book filled with profiles, interviews and anecdotes from Living Legends and Eminent Acheivers to help kids navigate and appreciate their talents. Raising Gifted Kids or Kids Who Think Outside the Box is a challenge, as is getting All Kids to recognize and embrace their unique abilities. Nice inspirational bits applicable to all...even adults without kids!

    Especially resonates with my oldest, a Tween with scary Giftedness and an emerging acute sense Not Quite Fitting In. Cool Book to buy.

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    that sounds like a great book. i was a "gifted" child, and all i ever got were some stained glass lessons during school and increased pressure from my mom to get a's. hardly a recipe for growing my gifts.

    and as a mom, i'm trying to be aware of the desire to project what i think is cool onto my daughter, and just let her gravitate towards her own interests, even if she chooses sports or accounting over art or farming. easier said than done!

    (not knocking sports or accounting- they're just not my interests)

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    OOH! Thanks, Bessiemae! I gotta check that one out. That would most definitely apply to my older son!


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