View Poll Results: hair-do's and don'ts?

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  • i get a good, pricey hair cut @ a salon

    1 5.26%
  • hair cut @ home/by friend

    1 5.26%
  • hair color @ salon

    4 21.05%
  • hair color @ home

    2 10.53%
  • i color my hair to cover gray

    0 0%
  • i color my hair a different color depending on my mood

    4 21.05%
  • i'd love to have fuschia hair, but i can't because of my job (or i'm too chicken!)

    2 10.53%
  • i have NEVER colored my hair!

    1 5.26%
  • i WOULD NEVER color my hair!

    1 5.26%
  • i don't care about my hair. whatever.

    3 15.79%
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    what do you do to your hair?

    (changed poll and moved to freestyle)

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    I marked "I color my hair according to my mood"

    That's what I do - when I feel like a change and have the time. Never, ever, ever, to cover the few grey hairs I'm sprouting now. (Hey - I earned those!:))

    But there was no option for:
    "I take the scissors out and hack at it myself"
    Which I have been known to do on a regular basis.

    (Right now, I put it all in a high ponytail when wet, trim it in a straight line, and wahlah! long layers. But I have cut it very short, as well.)

    I went through a "very short hair" phase for several years (when my kids were babes. Coincidence? I think not!) and now have grown it out again to mid back length. (I had that 'down to the butt' hair as a kid)

    Oh yea! And my daughter cut off her long hair about six months ago and donated it to locks of love. Once the summer came, she let me cut it from the "just below the shoulders" length it was at to a chin length bob - and she loves it!

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    Oohh, my sister did locks of love. She has wonderful thick, fast growing hair, so it grew back pretty quick. I've always wanted to do it, but I love my long hair and I'm very attached to it! (and it doesn't grow that fast)

    I cut it at home, myself, because I have had too many hair dressers who took creative liscense! Maybe I can't describe what I want, but it's just really simple!

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