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    greasy black stains on clothes

    Hey there craftistas,

    I've been getting these nasty black stains showing up on my clothes when they come out of the laundry. They are spots of grease and convex shapes like this () ... A pic is worth 1000 words ...

    Google searches were relatively unhelpful - all I get is info about removing grease stains, and little about them magically appearing out of nowhere!

    I did find this thread which suggests it could be from dried up liquid softener (which, yes, I do use) or grease from the washer itself.

    Our washer is new and less than one year old ...

    Before I start taking that baby apart, anyone else have experience with this?



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    this might happen if the article of clothing gets wrapped around the bottom of agitator. do you really cram your clothing into the washer? if so, maybe if you do smaller loads?

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    Dirt accumulates under the rubber band where the drum of the machine.

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