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    Wedding(ish) Ceremony Ideas

    My partner and I got married in March in a tiny ceremony with just my immediate family present. Now I'd like to plan a reception or something here in England AND one for people in the US who weren't at the actual wedding, both to be held next summer. Though we definitely want food, drink, dancing, and fun, I would like to have something more than just a party or a belated reception, but am wondering what ceremonial elements we could incorporate without just re-enacting the wedding--renewals of vows have never appealed to me.

    We have not yet exchanged rings, so that could be part of at least one ceremony. Any ideas for meaningful but non-religious acts that our guests could witness as a symbol of our commitment to each other?

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    First things first, congrats!

    At my cousin's wedding last month, one of the Bengali (Indian) traditions they did was tying the knot - literally! Part of his shirt was tied to part of her sari near the beginning, and they were tied together during the rest of the ceremony.

    They also had a second reception the next day, and the DJ did the whole "welcoming the wedding party" introductions thing which I always thought was a bit cheesy but it does get everyone up and cheering for you. Plus it can lead into a special dance for the two of you if that's something that appeals.

    Look into your cultural ancestry and see if you can dig up something interesting, you never know what might be lurking in there!

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    How about lighting candles to represent the three stages of your relationship (past, present and future)- Greek ceremonies always include candles and it is heavenly) or some kind of meaningful gift exchange?

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    we had a table at our wedding with photographs of all the weddings we could find of close family members (our parents, grandparents, etc.). we didn't have many "traditional" elements to our wedding so I liked doing something like that.


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