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Thread: Fabric Walls

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    Fabric Walls

    I won't be allowed to paint my new studio's walls, but I just read about how to do fabric walls with liquid starch (the fabric can easily be removed and the walls washed afterwards). I'm excited about this great way to add some color and to make the room my own, and I wanted to know if anyone has done it before or has any related ideas (like maybe doing patterns, shapes, or wainscotting, instead of just solid colors). Thanks!

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    For a fabric wall in my guest room, I used a staple gun and attached the fabric at the ceiling, then covered the staples with fringe and a hot glue gun.

    I don't think that will work for a rented place, tho :-) Landlords would rather deal with paint than all those holes and glue, I'm sure.

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    I would also like to hear about this fabric-wall idea, also renting a place with drab, drab, drab paint in Apartment Beige. Are there any books on the subject? If anyone has done this, do they have pictures? I'm so excited!

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    I live in a rental too and for years I've been bored with white walls. This is such a fantastic idea (fabric and liquid starch). I googled it and everyone makes it out to be so easy. I'd love to hear about other people's results aswell! (Especially the removing fabric from wall part!)

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    Me again. Just did a little web searching now that you've inspired me to liven up my white walls and this is not fabric but I thought was rather cool. Self adhevise wall decals which are removable when you change your mind or move out. I love the birds and can just imagine them flying out from behind my door or over my bed.

    I'm a bit worried about the liquid starch fabric idea, there is alot of caution about using fabrics that won't bleed. Knowing my luck i'd screw it up!


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