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    Quote Originally Posted by Selah
    Proud mom moment - my 3 1/2 year old son asked me last night, "Am I crafty mom?" You betcha kiddo!!! Then he invented his first imaginary friend, a baby named Crafter.
    melt melt melt. too cute :)

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    Last week my 4 yr old was playing with some toys, making them converse, and said "Watch your language! There are children present!".

    I have no idea where he got that one from. It wasn't from my lips! My older son and I were sitting nearby trying to stifle our fits of giggles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarabell
    the other day, my son (3 in october) mimicked something i do to him and his baby sister - - he walked up to a friend of mine, stuck his face in her butt and said "are you poopie?"
    oh my god!!!! i do that to my 10 month old ALLLLL the time. i guess i should stop now!!!

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    I recently moved from a northern suburb of Chicago to a northern suburb of Orlando, and called my 8 year old niece on the phone to wish her a happy birthday. So we talked for a few minutes and she said, "So, you should come over, we're having a party!" It broke my heart to tell her that I lived so far away. I miss those kids!

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    russian mom - That is so cute. The sign and everything. "Your name is shark." awwwww

    The other day I went to have lunch with my first grader at school. As usual, all the other kids told me how much my daughter loves Green Day. One kid said, "I prefer the Rolling Stones." To which my daughter replied, "They're cool. They are SO old, but they look so young." To which her friend replied, "I know, they're like in their 80's!"

    I thought that was so funny. At least he didn't say that they're so old, they're in their 40's!!!

    Oh - and another boy, the one who has two moms, told me that one was 40 and one was 39. I mean he said, "Hi I'm Will." And I said, "I know your mom. She's Kathy, isn't she?" To which he replied, "Yes. She's 40. I have two moms. The other one is 39." To which I replied, "Ah yes, and I'm sure they'd both be pleased that you're sharing their ages with everyone!" That just tickled me!!!

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