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    house-buying etiquette question

    Hi there everyone,
    We closed on our first house last Friday. Yay!! Everything went well and we'll be moving in in a couple weeks.

    I'm just wondering if I should do something nice for my realtor. This man was the sort of stoic variety, who really tried not to influence our decision-making in any way. He was helpful but totally behind-the-scenes, so I have no idea exactly how much work he did for us. We weren't difficult customers, only looked at four or five houses until we picked the right one, but I have no previous experience and my parents bought their house 28 yrs ago so things have definitely changed.

    Is it typical to send a thank-you card or a fruit basket or something? I mean, he did get his cut of the sale somewhere in there.

    The mortgage guy, on the other hand, quit the bank he worked for about three days before our closing. Luckily his colleagues took over for him swiftly but it still left a little confusion. So that punk isn't getting anything!!


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    We loved our realtor so much that we wrote him a thank you note that really applauded his work. We told him that he could use it as a reference for his website (which he did) and we also told him that we would gladly be a reference for him. I've served as a reference once, for another couple who was in the same position as we were - young and new to the area. I think it was really appreciated.

    He actually got us a gift when we closed on our house. He normally got everyone a welcome basket to the neighborhood, but instead he offered to send in a cleaning crew because the house needed cleaned before we moved it. That was much more appreciated than a basket.

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    Yeah - I think it would be more appropriate for him to get you a gift! But I second the notion that a nice thank you note or testimonial letter would be very much appreciated.


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    your realtor got the share of the commission - you don't need to give much else but a thankyou card & a referral :)


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