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    Cleaning and You

    I'm always trying to figure out how others function in their homes. What systems you have, how often you clean etc. I'm trying to establish a realistic schedule that keeps the house decent and doesn't leave me with no time to be a mom. So if you don't mind sharing a typical day or weeks worth of work. How and when you do it. What are your standards?

    I'm trying not to compare myself and my home to the homes I see on playdates because it's like theatre, it's not the true face of a home but a dolled up one. If people think my house always looks like it does when they come over they are sooo mistaken. I thought this would be a great way to get a "peek" into your living rooms and get a more realistic sense of how others live.


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    well, it's just me and my boyfriend and we're pretty lax when it comes to cleaning. but here's our (rough) schedule anyways:

    every day:
    make bed (ha?)
    do the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher... this is the only daily non-negotiable i have)

    clean bathroom
    clean kitchen
    (sometimes these things turn into bi-weekly affairs, oops!)

    monthly (or when people are coming over):
    clean up clutter
    organize books
    mop the floors

    i usually do laundry on a day that i can devote to television watching or reading, since for some reason it seems to eat up a lot of my time waiting around for the machines to end their cycles (we have to use the apartment's shared laundry facility).

    i do always clean up more when i know we have guests coming over, but i'm trying lately to be less anal about the cleaning chores... sometimes homework and cuddling are just more important to us busy students!

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    I don't have a schedule, we mostly do things as they need to be done. But I am trying to develop one because I either have to clean the entire house for a long time, or it looks like crap.

    When the house gets really cluttered and messy, I've found the easiest way is to clean out each room by itself. Like if I'm cleaning the living room, if anything goes in the bedroom I just take it in there and sit it down, NOT put it away because that gets me sidetracked. Then the living room wouldn't get finished.

    I have been trying the flylady stuff to the point that I'm at making the bed, straightening the bedroom and cleaning out cat litter in the morning. Straightening living room and kitchen at night. Eventually it's really easy because there's only one or two things to clean up.

    An ideal schedule for us is to clean the bathroom on wednesday, the kitchen on Friday and to dust and vacuum on Sunday. Those are my days off. But I haven't gotten that far yet. (Which probably sounds bad like I'm the only one cleaning, but my husband cleans more than I do, I'm the one who needs the schedule.)

    We do laundry whenever we run out of clothes and whenever the washer and dryer are free, AND when we have enough quarters (we always have tons of change, but never the right kind).

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    When I am on the downward slope, I tend to let things go in favor of doing fun things or just being lazy. When I am on the uphill climb and by that I mean I have been busy, lazy, or just plain bad, I have to start small with the things that are the "closest" to me. That means my purse, which I carry life in, my car which I spend about 1 hour and 10 minutes in, and my bedside area which is my haven of peace and quiet away from the rest of the house. If I get those things straightened up I am much more likely to tackle some larger projects in the rest of the house. I think I have sort of a weight watchers approach to cleaning and organizing. It really is the little things that you do that make a difference. I always throw away junk mail and the envelopes bills come in immediately; I use homemade cleaning wipes to wipe down the sink every day or so while I brush my teeth. Or I straighten the bottles and potions in there. We are pretty lax on major chores and don't really have a schedule. Just do them either when company's coming or it grosses you out. I have often thought about setting up a 'sidework' sheet for doing stuff but I know we'll just do it whenever anyway, so I don't bother. I guess I just lowered my standards once my kids weren't crawling anymore.

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    microsinger - What a terrific idea about cleaning the areas "closest to you." I spend at least two hours a day in my car, and my bedside table is always a mess, and I'm a sucker for huge purses, which, of course, means that I'm surrounded by crap all day long.

    First of all, every month or so we'll try to fill one Rubbermaid with stuff to sell or donate. Then, once a year, when we have around 12 boxes in our garage, we'll have a sale or a trip to Goodwill. We practice "replacement therapy," meaning that everytime one of us buys a new shirt or a pair of shoes, we get rid of one that we already have. This keeps us from getting overloaded with stuff.

    We used to have friends over every Saturday night, so we would spend all day Saturday with loud music or an action movie on and clean, clean, clean. However, now that our friends aren't coming over as often anymore, we're slipping quite a bit.

    In essence, instead of devoting one full day to cleaning anymore, we each try to do a little bit everyday. Whenever our desk our kitchen counter gets overloaded with crap, one of us will just have a fifteen-minute "throwing away party." Whenever my daughter has a bath (every other day or so), I'll do a five-minute wipe-down of the bathroom (as long as I'm in there, not doing anything). Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep, I do the dishes or throw in a load of laundry. Also, we'll divide and conquer individual chores - I love doing laundry, but I HATE putting it away when I'm done folding it, so my husband does that part. The most important part to us though is looking like we're having a lot of fun when we clean. We'll dance and sing while we're vacuuming, we'll haul trash bags to the street with a jaunt in our step, etc. This means that our daughter, who is intently watching our every move anyway, realizes how much fun it can be to put her toys away at night.

    This is awesome.

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    Hellparadiso said

    I spend at least two hours a day in my car, and my bedside table is always a mess, and I'm a sucker for huge purses, which, of course, means that I'm surrounded by crap all day long.


    We practice "replacement therapy," meaning that everytime one of us buys a new shirt or a pair of shoes, we get rid of one that we already have. This keeps us from getting overloaded with stuff.

    A timely 'purse blog' for you

    I am on an upward slope right now and I am posting blogs as a means of accountability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by microsinger
    I use homemade cleaning wipes to wipe down the sink every day or so while I brush my teeth.
    How do you make your wipes? We made baby wipes but I'd be curious to see how the cleaning wipes work. I use the clorox wipes and I'm sure it's crappy for my hands and our lungs.

    Thanks everyone for sharing what you do and/or what you hope to do. It's so helpful to hear how others organize themselves and their home. We're having company over tonight so it's the all day cleaning marathon for us!

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    I don't really have a cleaning schedule either.
    The things try to do regularly are:
    -Wash dishes daily
    -vacuum at least 2x/week (because there's always crumbs all over!)
    -scoop the kitty box daily
    -clean at least the toilet (if nothing else) inside and out as often as needed..hey, I live w/ 3 males, not including my cat! LOL!
    -empty the trash baskets when full
    Everything else gets done as I go along. I'll do the bathroom while my pre schooler is in the tub playing. Pick up the living room or work in the kitchen while my older son is doing his school work and needs me close by. Stuff like that.

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    i have to do dishes every day because my new place doesn't have a dishwasher and with 4 people, the dishes just pile up too fast if anyone tries to ignore them.

    i vacuum my room a couple times a week in the traffic areas, and less frequently in areas i never go. i live in a converted basement, and there's a section that i just use for storage, so i don't track dirt into it. but i do get spider issues if i don't vaccuum everywhere now and then.

    i "make" my bed (pull the blankets up to cover the sheets) when i get up, because i always put my purse/clothes/backpack/etc. on my bed and i don't like to get grit in my sheets.

    everything else, i pretty much only do when i notice it needs cleaning or i get in one of those anxiety-cleaning modes. the other day i had to talk to my roommate about her unpleasant boyfriend, and i scrubbed the holy hell out of a countertop in the process.

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    Cleaning wipes

    I make my cleaning wipes with the cloths by diluting a little cleanser (Mr. Clean, Pine Sol, whatever I have) according to the 'general cleaning' recipe on the back of the container. I make it a little weak becuase I prefer it that way. I saved an old swiffer container,placed a roll of paper towels that I cut in half with a serrated knife (use bounty or viva, more cloth like) and poured a few cups of cleaner over the whole roll and smushed them down. Eventually you can remove the cardboard roll. You still might have to squeeze the excess liquid out, but its still cheaper and easier on the hands than premade wipes. I'd like to try it with some more natural ingredients.

    I did wing it with my latest attempt at furniture/wood cleaner. I mixed about 1/2 c white vinegar with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 c lemon oil like you get at home dept for wood conditioning. Working well so far. But then I have crappy wood furniture so it doesn't matter:)

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