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    laundry detergent/household products rave...

    Last year I bought Bi-O-Kleen laundry detergent to use specifically for the cloth diapers that I was going to use (not for me, for little Ginge....) but never fully embraced the cloth thing wholeheartedly, and the detergent has been sitting in the laundry room since. Decided to start using it for my "regular" laundry yesterday, and THAT STUFF ROCKS! You don't have to use very much and the clothes come out *clean* and really soft. I love this stuff!

    Does anybody else have any household product that you use that you just love? (And feel ok about loving?? ;)

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    Mr Clean Magic Erasers!!! It's amazing what they get up with just water.

    And I love my microfiber cleaning clothes, too, for the same reason.

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    I'll second those magic erasers!
    I also really love Soilax. It's a powdered cleanser, which you measure out into hot water. Mainly used for washing walls before painting because it doesn't need rinsing, and doesn't leave a soapy film behind. I've used it to get the icky smoke residue off our walls and paneling. I also used it to clean off this old secretary desk that had been sitting in my parents' garage for 20 years. It took the years of exhaust smoke and general grime right off, and I was amazed at just how beautiful the wood really was! I've also used it for mopping my old vinyl kitchen floor, which is off-white and always looks kind of crappy anyway. There's not too many surfaces I won't try it on.

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    I am addicted to Method brand cleaning products (you can find them at Target). They have natural ingredients and yummy scents like grapefruit and lavender. I also just bought some Meyers Clean Day dish soap for the first time and am loving it, although it does have kind of a strong, lingering smell.

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    Method brand also !

    Mostly Ecover stuff, their all purpose cleanser is amazing.

    I love ms Meyers cleaning day stuff -- delicious essential oil-scented stuff that works very well.

    UMM and my #1 favorite... pledge grab-it sheets for dusting! I dont throw em out after one use though -- use em for a while because they are reusable and I hate to be so wasteful...

    I love baking soda as a general cleanser / gently abrasive product. :]

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    I also love the Method brand! Even their body wash is excellent. It's nice using products that don't choke you while you're cleaning.


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