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    I flew cross-country with my kittie in her soft-sided carrier, which she managed to unzip and escape from while I was stretched out across 3 seats sleeping. Luckily, she is so mellow, she just sat on top of the carrier, right near my head, purring and staring at me -- which ultimately woke me up. She had no problem with the flights, though she wasn't too happy with the mad dash through O'Hare to get to the connecting flight (picture 7 month pregnant woman running thru airport carrying yowling bag... i'm sure it was a pretty funny thing to see.)

    But, she did have a little fleece blanket in there that I used as the top layer (with one in my bag to replace it with if necessary,) in case she needed to relieve herself. In-flight, I gave her water and kibbles, and she was just fine. But, I'm sure it all depends on each cat's temperment, and, like I said, mine is very mellow.

    Good luck!

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