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    What do you do with your kids?

    This is my first real post.

    I wonder what you do with your kids all day. I stay home with my 2 year old and 3 month old. I've struggled for a long time to figure out how much time I should spend playing with my daughter versus letting her entertain herself while I do other things. It is hard to find a balance..I don't want to ignore her!

    I'd like to hear how other moms work it out?


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    Wow. She actually lets you ignore her? When my kids were two years old they wouldn't let me out of their sights, especially my daughter, who is now 8 and still a little clingy.

    What worked best for me was to let them tag along as I did my chores and have them "help." Give her a dry rag and let her dust the furniture while you do a tidy, or a damp one and rub the fronts of cabinets while you clean the kitchen. Talk to her while you do this; even better, sing. Let her playcook with toy pots while you cook a real meal. She can fold socks or dishtowels while you fold the rest of the laundry. That way your house doesn't fall apart and you won't feel as if you don't have time to get down on the floor and give her your full attention.

    A godsend can be a child care service or co-op nursery for a couple of mornings a week. Or hire a young jr high girl for a few hours a week to play with her while you attend to items that need your full attention, take care of your littlest one, or even take a nap! Or trade off with another mom of a toddler.

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    Oh yeah...keeping the little ones occupied is a challenge! My younger son (almost 4) goes to pre school 3 mornings/week. And both my boys are good at keeping themselves occupied. Although yesterday while I was taking a nap, apparently my husband took a mini snooze too. Woke to find the small boy with his legs and face decorated in marker!
    Anyway, when my younger son is home, I need to keep him out of my older son's hair while he does his school work (he's home schooled). So...he loves to help me put clothes in the washer and dryer, or do simple kitchen tasks, like wash the potatoes for dinner. Otherwise, he can be found drawing monsters or practising his letters, play doh, water play (w/ lots of old towels on the bathroom floor!), coloring, "reading" books. The part I love most is to listen in while he creates little scenarios with his various toys, and the diologue he makes up for them.
    Hmmmm...he likes to do dot-to-dot pictures, but he gets kind of lost after 19! Makes for some funky lookin' pictures!
    Glue and various supplies like buttons, large sequins, feathers, squares of colored tissue paper, yarn and fabric scraps, pom-poms, pictures from magazines, etc. are always good for some wild collages.
    Ahhh...but my kids are 7 years apart, so i never had to deal with quite the same challenge as you do trying to balance the attention b/t 2 young children. By the time #2 came along, his big bro was able to fix his own simple snacks and help me with stuff.
    When your baby is old enough to support his/her body upright, you can put him/her in a backpack-style carrier while you do household chores with your older child helping you. both my boys LOVED being able to look over my shoulder while I did dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc. and the older one liked to help. It made all those tedious chores more fun.

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    I have a three year old and a four month old. Four and a half, really. She's to the point now where as long as her little belly is content, she'll lay on the floor or play in the walker (not for too long, I know) when I need her to do so. She started rolling, though and gets really mad if I don't "save" her from being on her stomach; she has to be completely preoccupied with toys to endure tummy-time. The older one helps with chores and we play together. If I'm really needing some time, she's perfectly happy to sit at the table with blank paper and crayons. Sometimes she entertains the baby on the floor but she's older than your daughter so that's probably not a good idea for you. And sometimes she just wants to play by herself although she'll usually end up bringing me into her little fantasies. We mostly play it by ear.


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