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    question about weatherproofing your house

    okay, so we are renting the top floor of this OLD house. the windows are wooden and really bad. it's our first winter here. after over a month of having the plastic, we finally put some up over our windows last night. the problem is, it's already starting to come down.

    we didn't buy the shrink wrap kind of kits b/c our windows are HUGE and we'd need multiple kits just to cover one of them. so we have the big sheets of plastic that we have put up using tape that we got from Lowe's specifically for weatherproofing. it looks like the big clear plastic tape. we were wondering if it would hold -- guess now we have our answer.

    so... any suggestions? the window framing is wood. we're renting, so we can't staple it down. would the foam tape stripping be effective?

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    the foam stripping will help a bit, at least in terms of stopping drafts. but i know how freakishly cold old windows are..... they need some serious insulation. in my times as a renter, i've found that one can staple into trim quite discreetly - on the outer rim just where it meets the wall....

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    I noticed that when I replaced some of the latch locks, that pulled the windows closer to each other (the panes, I mean) and it's helped--I also bought some caulking insulation to seal up the cracks around the windows. I'll be putting it in any day now and let you know how it goes...we used to use the plastic, but our cat would just mangle that, so we had to find other things.

    I've also made a whole lot of draft blockers--long skinny pouches, essentially, filled with sand or rice or whatever's heavy enough to fill them with.

    I tried to put weatherstripping around the door (also 100 years old and drafty) but then I couldn't shut it well or lock it well, so we're back to the drawing board there. :(

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    The double sided tape works best for the hair drier type of plastic. If the plastic is really thick, stapling is the best way, just make sure you invest in a "catspaw" to remove the staples later and maybe a close color wood putty if you are really worried about it. The suggestion about going on the outside edge with the plastic is very good as well as caulking the around the trim touching the wall. If you want to get really into it you could reglaze the windows with putty from the wood to the pane, but that is going a bit extreem for a rental.


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    Our windows had these huge gaps in the tops of them where the air was just pouring through. I sealed the holes and used some caulking on the outside. But I've kinda just accepted that it's going to be cold in the house.

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    in my last rental we had larger than standard windows in the house, so we bought the "picture window" shrink wrap plastic. there was enough plastic and tape in the package to do two windows each, the tricky part was cutting the plastic (because it LOVES to stick to itself). If you can find any of that size, it does work really well, but is a higher level of effort.

    Otherwise, I say staple away! we also had a big problem with air coming in where the top and bottom of the windows meet, so if you put one of those long socks that sweetpea described on the top of the bottom piece of glass (if that's the kind of windows you have) it might help out a lot. Our plastic in the living room would billow out in the wind. it was creepy!


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