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    Is there some kind of counselor (at school, perhaps) that you could talk to to get some input on it? Sounds like you need some in-person moral support.

    Your dad isn't playing fair, and since he's your dad, it's hard for you to put your foot down.

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    I strongly agree with the idea of finding support. A cousellor may be able to help mediate and could perhaps point out to your dad how his behaviour affects you in terms of what he thinks is important.

    For example, I was surprised that he insists you pick him up at 3am when you have school the next day. (I'm hoping) he must want you to do well at school and would want to help in any way he can to achieve this (OK, I've just read your original post where you say he wants you to leave school).

    It might be that the best solution is to separate yourself from him in the most positive way you can and a counsellor will be able to offer advice about this as well.

    Definitely a good idea to seek someone out, I think.

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