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    Quote Originally Posted by missmedicinal
    my fiance loves the weird nj magazines & books (and now they have weird <insert state name here> for much of the u.s.); we just refer to our stack o' weird njs, and go driving around looking for them. We had to take a little break from our hunts when the gas prices went up, but now we're good to go again.
    Sounds like a great idea. I know it's WNJ's policy not to publish addy of private residences but do you happen to know where gingerbread house is? PM me if you know.

    PS: The Marks' Halloween Party at the Stone Pony is definitely worth the money :)

    Does prepping for a garage sale count as free entertainment? Going through my attic brings back memories... and it's amazing what stuff doesn't anymore, automatically added to the garage sale pile.

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    I love to see how many of you all love the library!! It's the best and cheapest entertainment in town. Our library system, Mid-Continent Public Library in Independence, Missouri has lots of classes that are mostly free, but some times have a small(less than $10) charge for supplies. We have knitting classes, quilting, aroma therapy, basket making, and beading classes offered at many of our branches. I work in the genealogy branch and all of our classes are FREE!! We just had a class on how to plan a family reunion. And earlier this week I taught our monthly Beginning Genealogy class. Most libraries have their classes listed on their web site. Love to see all the library users on this site!!

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    Awww yeah, the library is the place to go. I happily pay any extra sales tax for them. ;) The books, the movies, the CD's, the books on tape (my favorite)...sigh, I can't play in my library right now....over the limit on those over-due fines, lol. The video tapes, they get me every time. Something else that I don't know if folks are aware of is that lots of libraries these days have online tools and references available for anyone with a library card, including online references that you would otherwise have to pay for to access. I can and do spend hours just looking up things that I want to know about, using the references and services from the online tools. My library even has e-books now. They usually are the central place for seeing what's going on in the community, too, and a lot of the events are free. They also have the links to agencies that might be able to help you when your po', too. :) I Heart My Library!

    When I need to get a shopping fix, I head to my Goodwill down the street. I love sticking to one thrift store, because then I know exactly where to go for the good stuff, and oh, the books! let me tell you about those books, honey, a bibliophile's delight....beautiful old books, original Nancy Drews, encyclopedias, dictionaries, all for $1-$'s an altered book paradise. :)

    And, of course, getting those supplies home and making shtuff. I swear, I have enough stuff collected from Goodwill to keep me busy for the next 10 years, lol.

    Lately, I've been getting into free online classes. has tons of free online classes, in just about anything you can imagine. HP has some cool ones, too...I just did a class on graphic design for non-designers...just the basic principals, but super informative. My next one is Beginning Geneology. It's great to take these classes, because it's all at your own pace, you get to learn something you always wanted to, and they are FREE! In fact, I just googled "Free Online Classes", and there is just page after page of places offering free is from a site called check that one out right now. :)

    I'm so glad you brought this up, I've gotten some other ideas about things to do to get out of the house. :)

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    We do a lot for fun on the cheap--

    1. Picnics at the park/beach.
    2. Hitting the thrift stores when we want to shop.
    3. Library for books.
    4. Movie rentals on $2 day.
    5. Cooking elaborate meals at home instead of going out.
    6. Botanic Gardens (free).
    7. Museum visits on free days.
    8. Matinee movies at a local theatre for first-run shows.

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