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    Safety Question re: Goo Gone & Cake Tin

    Okay, I am a paranoid freak when it comes to fire hazards and potential explosions caused by my own ignorance, so here is my question: I bought some cute little heart-shaped cake tins at the Target $1 Spot. There was a strip of glue affixing the paper label (not the Target Stores tag; that was on the back and peeled right off) to the inside of the pan. I scrubbed and scrubbed and couldn't get the glue off. So, I resorted to Goo Gone, but even then, it had to soak a bit before it would come up.

    After I wash the tins with dish detergent and very hot water, will they be safe to bake in? My fear is that Goo Gone is extremely flammable and maybe soaked into the tin, and so it won't be safe to put in the oven? I want to make my elderly father-in-law a strawberry cake for Valentine's Day--I don't want to blow the house up!

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