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    I also say try out freecycle if you just want them gone hassle free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quornflour
    Here are the URLs in case anyone was wondering.
    Just leave them out on the curb. Someone will pick them up.

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    We leave stuff out on the curb, too. If need be, put a sign on it -- FREE FOR TAKING!
    It'll be gone within an hour - and I live on a quiet side street!

    OTOH, the Salvation Army other thrift places lke Good Will will give you a tax credit receipt for large donations; some pick up, some don't, some will schedule you in.

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    We use craigslist, or donate it to this one local thrift shop that takes just about everything, and sells it in a thrift store to benefit developmentally disabled people. They come all the way to our house with thier truck, load everything up, and take it away. It's nice because most of the ones around here are super weird about when you can donate, what you can donate, etc. We don't donate stuff that is broken, or way past being useful.
    But it's nice to get rid of things!

    For freecyle, we got rid of some furniture very easily that way. I took a bunch of photos, and described any flaws I could see with the items, just so people knew what they were getting. But most people really don't care because they figure they're getting it for free anyways!

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    First we put out the call to friends, to see if they want it for free or to buy them.
    Then craiglist, or ebay....

    then goodwill

    But this spring I think we might have the yardsale of yardsales!

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