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    My bread

    I just started using my bread machine again. I had stopped before because on a few occasions my bread came out really bad. I thought it was a little odd because I usally am decent at cooking and it's a no brainer to use a bread machine. I think that it is off balance, even though none of it's rubber pegs are missing from the bottom. It dances across my counter, so I have to put a wet rag under it so it doesn't move. Normally you don't see that kind of behavior in a home appliance, quoted from ghostbusters. ha ha ha
    Anyway, now I'm looking for some nifty recipes for my machine. is annoying to me, the website always freezes and it takes forever to load. Does anybody have anything to share?

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    I got this great breadmachine book called : Electric Bread... I would check your library they may have it. Good luck!

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    re the dancing accross the counter ... this could ruin your bread if it didn't mix evenly. The dancing can also be caused by the weight of the ingredients not being evenly distributed. Do you make sure to put the water in first, then butter/shortening, then the flour and the yeast last? (Most bread machine recipe books list the ingredients in the order they should be added to the machine)

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    Is everything shoved in properly? The doohickey inside the container and the container itself?


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