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    Emergency Kits

    Do you have an emergency kit? Several? A bomb shelter ;p

    I finally got around to putting together an emergency kit - something about moving to a new part of the country with it's own unique natural disasters made me finally do it. Back East blizzards didn't scare me, but these tornado sirens are scary!

    Real Simple had a feature on it recently and there are a lot of online resources. It seems like they are of two varieties: the 24-72 hour stuck in the basement or without power kit and "oh no, the world is ending" kit. I'm going for the former, so I'm not including things like food or water filtration tablets.

    Right now my kit is in a plastic bin with a handle, so we can quickly move it to the car and includes:
    Bottled water
    Rolled Gauze
    Emergency Blanket
    Emergency candles
    Waterproof matches
    Antibacterial wipes
    A towel
    Playing cards
    A Survival book
    My old pair of glasses

    I need to add:
    Photocopies of important documents
    Swiss Army knife

    We also have a weather radio that we use on a daily basis and camping gear.

    Some Links:

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    Thanks for the information. I can't even tell you where a flashlight or candle is in this house so we'd be a little SOL if the power goes out.

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    the main thing in California is water, since you have to temporarily shut off your water after an earthquake, and a big enough one could damage water mains/pumps/treatment facilites. where i live now, i haven't put aside any bottles of water, which is lame. just because i live in an illegally converted basement, which would basically be a death trap in a significant earthquake, doesn't mean i can't stick a couple bottles of water in the garage.

    it's also a good idea to include canned food. and remember to provide enough water for you AND your pets, and include food for your pets.

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    My husband and I each have a kit, and each kit is in a large, durable backpack. In no particular order, as I pull things out of my pack, I find:

    Water bottle with filter
    Compass and whistle combo with water-proof container holding water-resistant matches
    Pocket knife
    Hand sanitizer
    Sun block SPF 30
    Plastic poncho
    4 bottles of 16.9-fl-oz water (there are also extra bottles in the large bin we keep our bags in)
    Small container of bleach
    2 light sticks
    2 extra D batteries
    2 face masks
    1 emergency blanket
    1 roll duct tape
    2 rolls camping toliet paper
    1 baseball cap
    1 200-ml unbreakable bottle of vodka
    Medical pack with:
    - hand sanitizing wipes
    - water-proof adhesive tape
    - assortment of bandaids
    - rolled gauze
    - tampons
    - elastic bandage
    - pill pack with aspirin, antihistimene, and I'm sure some other things
    - large sterile pads
    - latex gloves
    Work gloves
    Battery-powered emergency radio with hand-crank (the other kit has a collapsable shovel instead of this)
    3 day's worth of calories in the form of granola, dried fruit, nuts, energy bars, miso soup, and tuna
    1 Sheffield multi-tool

    We also have a separate bag for our cat; the bag itself is empty (to carry the cat in case of apocalypse), but the front pouch is filled with dry food for 'im.

    While that doesn't quite equal a bomb shelter, I think our emergency kit is a little bit beyond what most folks get into; in other words, it veers off from the basic 72-hour kit into the "Dude, apocalypse" variety.

    I swear we're not crazy mountain folks, and I can't really verbalize what we were thinking. I guess we started to make up normal emergency kits, then thought, "What if we had to leave our home?" and the "What if?" scenarios got out of control... :)

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    Our emergency bug- out kits are our bins of camping equipment. Yeah, we keep alot of our stuff in the plastic see-through bins. Married to an engineer, everything is cataloged and in a specific bin according to its purpose and frequency of use. Since Engineer and Cello Boy go camping at least monthly, all the stuff is checked frequently and replenished as necessary. I'm an RN, so I do the first aid kit....and it's much smaller than you'd think!

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    A few weeks ago as the tornado sirens were going off, I was doing mental calculations of how long it would take me to grab the dog, my cell phone and a flash light and make a dash for the bathroom. (I don't have a basement)

    Had a 15 minute internal debate about whether I should change out of my pjs and into street clothes or add pants to the list of things I needed to grab during the dash to the bathroom.

    It all felt very unsafe. Fortunately, the storms didn't get any closer, but I think I need to take some tips from you guys about preparedness.

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    I have to second the backpack emergency kits. Everything is in one spot for emergencies at home, and if you ever need to evacuate, you each grab a bag and go. We are in the process of assembling ours, so our list needs fine-tuning, but this is what we plan to include at this point:

    Emergency Preparedness Kit
    -- 5 packages vacuum-sealed tuna
    -- 5 packages vacuum-sealed chicken
    -- 3 cans Vienna sausage
    -- 5 cans potatoes
    -- 5 cans green beans
    -- 5 cans corn
    -- 2 cans baked beans
    -- 5 cans fruit cocktail
    -- 5 cans soup
    -- 3 packages dried gravy mix
    -- 1 box crackers
    -- 1 can oatmeal
    -- 1 tube peanut butter
    -- 1 small box tea
    -- 1 small box coffee
    -- 1 small box sugar cubes or packets
    -- 5 envelopes powdered lemon Gatorade
    -- 3 packages Lipton red beans and rice
    -- 2 packages Lipton chicken noodles
    -- 2 packages Lipton beef noodles
    -- 20 gallons water (4 5-gallon jugs)

    -- 4 large Sterno canisters
    -- 5 emergency candles
    -- mess kit w/ silverware and cup
    -- water-proof matches
    -- water purifier tablets
    -- spare contacts, case, solution
    -- multi-function tool
    -- travel size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, toilet paper, deodorant, hand sanitizer)
    -- 1 roll duct tape
    -- 5 garbage bags
    --document photocopies (birth certificate, driverís license, bank info, credit cards, apartment lease, marriage license, health info)
    -- $50 cash ($30 in small bills/$20 in quarters)
    -- 2 CTA transit cards with $10 each in fare
    -- change of clothes (tank top or t-shirt, sweater, socks, underwear, pants)
    -- Red Cross first aid kit

    Everything fits in two backpacks (one for me, one for my husband) except the water (there will be smaller jugs in the backpacks) and looking over the other posts, I'd probably add a hand-crank radio and some other food types like granola bars.

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    As I want to buy an emergency kit to have in my car, I'm glad that I've found this discussion. At first I thought that it is better to buy a ready-made kit, but having looked through several variants, I decided to assemble it by myself. I can order all necessary meds on Canadian Pharmacy site (I always use it). I guess, it will be fuller. So, thanks for sharing your experience and lists of meds.

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    How much do you think that we can have these all? I think I will make one package.


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