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    Cleaning oil out of suede shoes?

    My beef had a pair of blue Pumas that he absolutely adored. Until he wore them to work one day, and somehow they became covered in oil. This was about a year ago, and he hasn't worn them since.
    I was wondering if there's a way to clean off the oil and grossness? Or should he just get a new pair of shoes? Because they're pretty crusted. I'd like to be able to clean them (for his birthday, ha ha) and return them. Any idears?

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    have you tried a wire suede brush? maybe work some saddle soap or even just some dishsoap into them first to get the oil out and get that wiped off with a damp towel and then brush the suede back to life is what i'd try. they might wind up a bit darker than they were before but if they've been left as a lost cause, it's worth a try.

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    try making a paste of cornstarch and water and rubbing it all over the shoes. put on a thick layer, let it dry, and brush it off. you might have to do it a couple of times. you could also just pat dry cornstarch all over the shoes, but it tends to get everywhere.

    that's one of those old tried and true Heloise methods for getting oil out of unwashable items.

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