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    Wanted: Child crafts with a littering and recycle theme

    Hi there. I'm new here. (First post!)

    I teach the preschool religious education class at my local Unitarian church and this summer we've been doing lessons dealing with social action.

    Soon, we will be talking about littering and recycling. I was hoping there would be people here with great ideas for crafts to do for these lessons. I have found many ideas online, but I wanted to actually interact with people and discuss their ideas.

    When we discuss littering, I was thinking of making litter bags for them to pick up trash with. Now while I love this idea, the problem I see with this is that it seems a shame for them to decorate a (paper) bag all nicely and then just have it not reusable once trash is put inside of it. I can't think of any other material to use, however, that would still be functional and cost effective. Anyone have any ideas?

    I have a ton of ideas about recycling crafts. (Making rainsticks and kazoos out of paper rolls .... simple things that will allow most of the children to do them without having complete assistance all the time since it IS a class.) I always must keep in mind that these children range from 3 to 5 years old. Their capabilities range a great deal.

    If anyone has ideas, maybe something you've done yourself with or without children, I would love it! The thought of discussing these things excites me. I am not as crafty as I am sure all of you are, but I try very hard to find things that will be fun for my kids to do. And actually, teaching this class has made me become more crafty and excited about making things.

    Okay -- I think I am done! Sorry for the length of this! And thank you for any help you can give me. Oh, and for having this great website. :)

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    perhaps instead of making dacorated bags, they could make a recyled accessory to wear while they are working. perhaps a hat made of recycled newspaper decorated with snippets and scraps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Waste Paper Basket - When I was young we used to make waste baskets from egg cartons. Cut off tops. Then poke holes on the flap that is used to close the carton. Then take ribbon and tie each carton to the next. Takes 8 cartons to make a circle. The plastic bags from Walmart or the grocery store fit into these nicely. Makes a great waste paper basket. Contributed by
    I think this would be great as a paper recyling bin for your RE room, but you'd need to do some egg carton collecting and I don't think you'll find those littering up the place!

    I was thinking perhaps something to pick the rubbish up with, little kids touching rubbish might not be a good idea, um ... but i can't actually think of anything! (actually see newspaper duster and dustpan at bottom)

    these ( are cute, and emphaise link with environment.

    When we were at school we planted cress seeds in (cleaned out) yogurt pots, again links environment and reclyling.

    This looks fun to put on a wall hehe

    great rubbish items for crafts
    Cereal boxes
    Egg Cartons
    Magazines/catalogues etc
    newspaper (great for covering surfaces, papier mache and paper making, also we have been known to make costumes out of newspaper, make buildings (roll it up) and many, many other things!)
    bottle caps - little brooches or ornaments
    plastic tubs (eg yogurt, margarine etc)
    plastic bottles (i made bracelets out of a plastic bottle when i was little)
    cds (paint or stick magazine pictures on them and they can be hung as ornaments)
    wire coathangers - bend into wings!
    old pantyhose - these can be used anyway that potholder loops are and also for making wings.

    wow you can make a duster outta newspaper I'm gonna have to try that.
    also newspaper dustpan
    newspaper slippers
    newspaper apron yeay - keep the kids clean!

    apologies for the disorderlyness of this post - i hope it makes sense. :)

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    What if you made the newspaper aprons and then made pictures about not littering, keeping a clean earth, etc. You could even make the paints and chalks! I know there are simple recipes out there somewhere, I can try to dig mine up for you.

    Then you could have an area to bring in recyclable craft items, as seen in the list in the post above, and do various crafts when you have enough of certain items. You could pass out flyers to the parents asking them to bring those items to class. Once you had an abundance of supplies, coming up with a craft would be easier...drums out of containers, kazoos and rainmakers like you suggested, photo frames or cards from cardboard containers, etc. Check your local thrift store or library for kids craft books.

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    If you take the kids to pick up trash, you might get some gloves from the drugstore (the disposable kind). You can explain to the kids that when someone litters someone else has to clean it up, and they have to use gloves which are wasteful but necessary because of germs. They will love wearing the gloves, even though they will be very big for their hands. You could have them bring plastic grocery sacks to collect litter in and talk about all the ways to reuse said sacks (lining the bathroom trash can etc.). What if they decorated paper grocery sacks and took them home to use as a trash can for their bedrooms? That way, they could keep their handiwork and it would reinforce the lesson. Good luck to you and have fun!


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