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Thread: Cleaning Teddy

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    Cleaning Teddy

    My boyfriend has had this teddy bear for about 30 years and he doesn't think it has ever been cleaned. It smells kind of dusty or "sandy", like he used to play with it in the sandbox as a kid. I offered to clean it for him but I'm not sure how. I definately don't want to throw it in the washing machine; I was thinking maybe baby shampoo would work. Any suggestions?

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    it might mold or fall apart if you get it wet. if you can find out what the material and stuffing are, then maybe i could give you washing advice, but without knowing that, i would stay with "dry" techniques. you could sponge the fur with a sponge dipped in mildly soapy water and wrung out, or brush baking soda into the fur and shake it out.

    you could also try closing the bear up in a sealed container with some kitty litter. that works pretty well to deodorize stinky books, so it seems like it would work on a bear.

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    First, you can try putting it in the dryer with a couple dry towels and fluff it on the gentle, no heat cycle for a couple minutes. Then dust it with baking soda and fluff it again with no heat.

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    other than spot cleaning with a mild detergent, i'd suggest putting teddy in a plastic bag with baking soda and shaking him up in there. after the bakikng soda, i put them in the dryer with no heat - just tumble-air. i've done this with good results on some seriously musty stuffed animals. since it's old, i'd suggest putting the critter in a mesh bag or a pillowcase to prevent it from getting too beat up or mangled.

    edit: sjk maurice beat me to it! left my reply unsent for a spell. so yeah, i second the baking soda and fluff cycle!

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    I second the dryer idea. I have some dry clean only clothes and instead of using Dryel, I put the fragile garment in the dryer. I then get a washcloth barely damp (lots of wringing) and spray a few sprays of febreze on it. I dry on gentle/delicate for about 5-10 minutes to "steam clean". You should probably try without heat first. Also, look in your yellow pages for doll or toy restoration. Toy collectors use these folks and they know everything about restoring old toys.


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