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    Laundry question - any ideas?

    You know how some clothes get fuzzy when you wash them? I think it is the material that they are made of and when they get in contact with other clothes in the washer they all get fuzzy, with little balls all over them. I was wondering if someone has found some good way to get rid of those little balls.

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    you can use a razor and shave them off.

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    Unfortunately that means your clothes are felting, which happens when fluffy items get agitated in the wash. Another soulution is to prevent felting in the first place by using the gentle cycle and putting delicate items in a mesh laudry bag before washing. That's what my mother always did.

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    some clothes pill when you wear them, like sweaters. older polar-fleece pills also.

    other that what anthrogirl said, there's nothing to prevent pills. usually lower quality clothes (like Old Navy sweaters) pill worse than nicer stuff. you can buy a pill-shaver at a fabric store, use a safety razor, or use scissors to carefully shear the pills off.

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    If you go to a reputable dry cleaner, they might be able to sell you a rough pumice stone that you brush your clothes with to remove pills and fuzzies.


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